Why Does Hair Tangle in Salt Water?

Why Does Hair Tangle in Salt Water?

Why Does Hair Tangle in the Ocean?

Seawater has a lot of salt, and that salt will pull moisture away from your hair leaving it dehydrated.

Dehydrated hair is not only dry, but fragile too. Because the salt take the moister our of your hair, you'll notice that after swimming in the ocean your hair will get tangled and hard to brush out. Overexposure to salt water can definitely wreck havoc on your tresses!

The moisture content in your hair is what makes it stretchy and elastic, and what makes it feel soft. In some ways, it's a lot like your skin in this manner. If you lose moisture in your hair through the salt water leaching it out, your hair will end up dry and brittle. 

Before You Get Into the Water

For ocean lovers, it doesn't have to be a trade off between spending your time in the salt water and also having the hair of your dreams. The best way to deal with salt water exposure is to make sure your hair style stops your hair from tangling, and then to replenish the moisture in your hair ASAP after you get out of the water.

Getting in the ocean, you won't be able to prevent your hair from exposure to the dehydrating salt water. Luckily there are hairstyles that can keep your hair tangle free until you get back in the shower and replenish the moister you've lost!

Rip Tie Hair Ties are an innovative new way to keep hair from tangling in the ocean. These ties keep your hair streamlined and tangle free in the ocean. Other popular hair styles include braids.

After You Get Out of the Ocean

As soon as you are able it's important to wash the salt water out of your hair. Once the salt water is out, it's time to get moisture back in your hair. If you're rinsing off at the beach, make sure you use an ocean friendly product like Surf Soap - this kit comes with a wide tooth comb which is perfect to get out any remaining tangles.

If you're removing a Rip Tie, make sure to do it with fresh water and use your fingers to gently separate your hair strands, then condition to get your hair back to it's normal shiny state. 




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