Surf Hair, DO Care: The Best Way to Wear Your Hair for surfing

Surf Hair, DO Care: The Best Way to Wear Your Hair for surfing

Ok Salt Sirens. Lets be honest, long hair is a nightmare when surfing. Wearing it down it gets in your eyes and feels like a heavy wet blanket when you fall (fall? whaaaattt..... yeah, I guess I admit it happens more than I would like). My hair is down to the small of my back and I have tried it all.

Ponytails? Snarled Mess

Braids? Somehow end up worse than just a ponytail. 

Mutiple Elastics? Think 90s middle school, with elastics every few inches. This works okay, but it's pain to take out so many elastics, and I end up with a lot of breakage

What's a surfer to do? I came up with the idea for Rip Ties during the pandemic when I was surfing every day. My hair was getting damaged and I could see all the breakage. 

The concept is simple, the RipTie wraps around your hair to keep it all in the same direction while you're surfing- or enjoying any other salt water sport!  You tie one loop like you would secure a ponytail, then, holding the tie taut but not overly tight, you wrap it around the ponytail, until you eventually secure the second loop like the end of a braid. Then you can shred all dya, the hair stays out of your eyes, and when you take it out afterwards your hair is tangle free!

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